Are Trump’s Days Limited?

By on May 17, 2017
donald trump

The Washington Post reported that President Trump shared highly classified information with the Russians. Shortly after, the New York Times reported that before dismissing now former FBI director James Comey Trump pressured then Director Comey to discontinue any investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s contacts with Russian officials last year. The NYT cited a memo written by Comey himself, who apparently kept written records of his discussions and meetings with Trump.

Most analysts expect calls for impeachment from Democrats. However, Republicans are now joining the effort. This may create a bipartisan, unified effort to remove Trump from office.

The Hill reports that Representative Justin Amash (R-Mich.) was asked if the details of the Comey memo were accurate if and if such requests merited impeachment.  Rep. Amish’s brief and concise answer was: “Yes.”  When pressed further, Amish doubled down by saying:

“I think it’s pretty clear I have more confidence in Director Comey.”

There you have it!  If one Republican representative has now voiced his opinion, certainly others will soon jump on board. Republicans appear to have had enough of the lies, deceit, and games coming not just from the White House, but specifically from Trump himself.

What is Trump’s next move?

Reports have surfaced that Trump is considering a substantial shakeup of his White House staff shortly. It is very typical of Trump to deflect criticism and avoid responsibility by blaming others and pronouncing his oft-repeated phrase – “You’re Fired.”

Will his shakeup be sufficient to save his comfortable seat in the oval office, creating a successful diversion of blame from himself to others (whom, by the way, he hired)?  Time will tell, but at this point, it appears Trump may not have anyone left to throw him the life preserver he so desperately needs right now.

With Democrats, and now Republicans, joining the call for impeachment, will Trump even wait that long?  Perhaps he’ll do what he has done in the past when he is in over his head and about to lose everything. Carry out the White House equivalent of filing bankruptcy (his favorite chapter of the United States Code) would mean resignation. Will Trump follow former President Nixon’s example of leaving the people through their duly-elected representatives pronounce to him – “You’re Fired?”

Perhaps, but don’t count on it yet. He will first throw everyone else under the proverbial bus in an attempt to save himself.  Then, perhaps when no one will step up to save him, he’ll do what he does best – Make Donald (not America) Great Again.