Melania Goes Without Headscarf

By on May 20, 2017
malania headscarf

Did you hear that Donald Trump is taking his first foreign trip since becoming president?  Trump will visit five nations over a period of eight days (can’t we get him to stay away longer?) – Saudi Arabia, Israel, The Vatican, Belgium, and Italy.

His first stop has not been without controversy, and that happened as soon as the plane landed.  The Guardian reports that the First Lady Melania Trump and the First Daughter Ivanka Trump have decided to go without headscarves on their visit to Saudi Arabia.  Though not required by law, the Trump women have chosen to be seen differently than most women throughout the kingdom, who are indeed required to wear a head covering when out in public.

This may not be the most controversial issue. A requirement to cover a woman’s head should not even exist. Trump again has demonstrated his total and complete ignorance and arrogance.

The difference between Melania and Michelle

Back in 2015, when Michelle Obama visited Saudi Arabia, she, too, chose to go without a headscarf.  At that time, Trump did what Trump does best – he tweeted.  Trump said this about Mrs. Obama’s decision at the time:

“Many people are saying it was wonderful that Mrs Obama refused to wear a scarf in Saudi Arabia, but they were insulted. We have enuf enemies.”

So what has changed?  Has it all of the sudden become not insulting now that it is Trump’s family who has decided to stand up for women’s rights?

No, nothing has changed.  It never was insulting, but rather something Trump just made up to get headlines.

Trump just continues to demonstrate that he will say and tweet whatever he wants. And he will do it whenever he wants, just to offend and hurt others, thinking it makes him look good.

He is so wrong.  He just looks silly.  What were the Republicans thinking?  They were not thinking, that’s what.

And now we have a non-thinking loon in the White House, embarrassing us worldwide.