Paul Ryan Defends Trump’s Mistakes: “He’s New at This”

By on June 8, 2017

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) has an odd excuse for President Donald Trump’s missteps and failures so far: he’s simply ignorant.

“The president’s new at this. He’s new at government,” Ryan explained at a press conference on Thursday.

This explains why the president allowed Russian media to take pictures inside the Oval Office, why he flies into tantrums on Twitter with foreign mayors after terrorist attacks, and yes, it even explains how he could fail to understand why it would be a problem for him to be alone with the FBI director to discuss information relating to an investigation about collusion between Russian actors and members of his administration.

All of that, and more, can be explained by Trump’s ignorance about the position he holds. But it doesn’t excuse it. If Trump is ill-informed about the position, he shouldn’t have sought to hold it — nor should the Republican Party so readily backed him as a candidate for president before or after he got the nomination, especially when eight years prior the GOP made criticisms against then-Senator Barack Obama for being inexperienced.

And if Trump was ignorant about what protocols were expected of him, he should have done his best to educate himself on them before he assumed office. Trump won office in November — he became president by January. That he didn’t take the time to familiarize himself with what expectations he’d have to fulfill speaks volumes about how he regards the office itself.

Paul Ryan shouldn’t defend nor characterize Trump’s failures and missteps, his gaffes and dangerous leaks of military intel, as acceptable. This is serious stuff, and it demonstrates that our current commander-in-chief, who holds the nuclear codes and other vital responsibilities as president, is a novice who is learning on the job — and in many instances, failing miserably to instill any semblance of confidence in himself as a leader.