What Nikki Haley Got Wrong about Israel in Her Human Rights Council Speech

By on June 8, 2017
Israeli soldier stands with the Israeli flag in front of a blurred West Wall Max Zalevsky/Shutterstock

In a tweet on June 6, the State Department condemned the United Nation’s Human Rights Council for “damaging the cause of human rights”.





Nikki Haley’s quote in the State Department tweet was an exerpt of a longer speech she gave at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland. Among other accusations, Haley condemned the Council’s passivity in allowing members such as Venezuela and Saudi Arabia to gete away with human rights violations while simultaneously targeting Israel in Agenda Item Seven. Haley went as far as to call this provision a “pathological campaign”. This, she argued, transforms the United Nations’ Human Rights Council into a platform of politics, not of human rights advocacy.
Unfortunately, Ms. Haley’s assertion that Israel has a strong human rights record is laughably misguided, to say the least. According to a report from Amnesty International, Israel’s human rights violations have been occuring for decades and are well-documented. These crimes against humanity include unlawful settlement of private Palestinian land, arrests and detention of people for arbitrary reasons, torture, the killing of innocent Palestinians including children, and extrajudicial executions — the killing of alleged criminals without due process of law.
This pro-Israel stance fits neatly into the Trump administration’s tepid attitude toward the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Earlier this year, President Trump broke diplomatic tradition when he hesitated to take a strong stance on the matter. His indifference was apparent wehn he stated it didn’t much matter to him if the solution was a one-state solution or two. The next few minutes were filled with diplomatic vagueries about the necessity for Israel and Palestine to negotiate a deal. Trump lightly suggested that Israel hold off on its expansion into the West Bank and stated that Palestinians should let go of their hatred of Israel.
These statements and his attitude demonstrate a willful ignorance of international affairs and history. Unfortunately, when he is the President of the United States, his example sets a dangerous precedent for his administration. Regardless of what the facts may be, his subordinates must support his alternate reality without question, making a mockery of us all.
Yet, the truth is out there for anyone willing to seek it out. Because social media channels have the power to affect such profound change, let’s encourage those on our Twitter and Facebook feeds to share real stories based on solid evidence, not a misguided administration’s talking points.