Trump delivers Speech at Phoenix Rally

By on August 24, 2017
A Trump Rally in Phoenix on 6/18/2016.

On Tuesday August 22, Trump spoke at the Phoenix Convention Center at a rally-style event. During the event, he accused the media of misrepresenting his remarks condemning the hatred at the Charlottesville, Virgina, alt-right rally, insisting that he was prompt and extremely clear in his condemnation of the violence and hatred.

Next, he hinted that he would be willing to pardon ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was infamous for racial profiling and violating inmates’ constitutional rights. He then went on to criticize Arizona’s two senators for their role in causing the Obamacare repeal measures to fail in the Senate.

Lastly, Trump was adamant that his campaign promise of a wall between Mexico and the United States would be built, even if it required a government shut-down.

Throughout the 75-minute, off-script, rambling Phoenix speech, he condemned the media for their selective reporting. He went down the list of all the groups the media had said he failed to condemn – the neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and the KKK.

Yet, he conveniently omitted his comments which placed the blame on both the white supremacists and the counter-protesters, choosing, yet again, to antagonize the media. This time, he accused the media, or “fake media,” of lying and making up stories. Before a crowd of booing Trumpians, he unequivocally stated that reporters failed to report the facts.

The speech then rambled on about anarchists and how there are plenty of them within the United States. In an incoherent tangent, Trump insists that the media refuses to show the crowds present at his rallies unless there are disrupters or anarchists.

This very rant demonstrates that Trump clearly has no idea exactly what an anarchist is. He equates any dissenter or disrupter with anarchy, thereby demonizing disagreement and discouraging debate.

According to Trump, the U.S. must swiftly restore law and order to protect innocent lives. Children must be free to play outside again. Additionally, “No citizen should ever fear for their safety, security in our society,” and we should also instead unite under our love for the United States and true affection for one another.

Unfortunately, these statements sound incredibly trite and flippant in light of his ban on transgender service members in our military. His past record of racism and alleged ties to white supremacy groups do little to convince the rest of us that he has any real interest in uniting us.