Trump Turns Terror Attack In London Into Political Twitter Rant Mere Hours After It Happened

By on September 15, 2017

Just mere hours after the terrorist attacks that occurred in London, President Donald Trump responded the only way we expect him to these days — with a Twitter posting that turned a serious tragedy into political opportunity for himself to capitalize on.

Trump began by calling the terrorists “stupid,” and by making unsubstantiated claims that Scotland Yard had the individual in their sights before the bombing.

Scotland Yard responded to this post by saying it was too early to make accusations about anything regarding the attacks, and that “any speculation is extremely unhelpful at this time.”

Trump then posted a subsequent tweet — this time insisting that his travel ban was needed to combat terrorism from entering the country.

The Muslim travel ban that Trump attempted to implement has been stalled in part by the Supreme Court for the time being. While parts of the ban are in place, the Court placed a stay on disallowing travelers from the Muslim-majority nations Trump sought to ban if they had a close relation with someone they were visiting in the United States — including grandparents and cousins. The High Court plans to address the full ban sometime in October.

At a time when a nation is still trying to get all of the answers figured out, Trump decided it was the perfect time to make the situation a political one. Fortunately, there are only a couple dozen injuries known at this time, and none of them life-threatening, the New York Times reports. But with a death or without, Trump’s character flaws shine out for the world to see in his latest tweets.

This isn’t a surprising revelation, of course — Trump’s insensitivity and crass response to events like these have been on full display for years, even before he assumed office. But just because it’s an expected response doesn’t mean it’s not a repulsive one. And the president ought to exercise more restraint in the future, perhaps by offering his condolences first before jumping to make political attacks.