HHS Secretary Tom Price Resigns Amid Controversy

By on September 29, 2017
Tom Price

After getting caught using taxpayer-dollars to charter lavish private jets for his government travels, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price announced he was resigning from the Trump administration.

The trips cost taxpayers over $400,000, and took Price on at least 26 different trips across the world, including to Europe and Africa, Politico reported. Earlier this week, Price had promised to pay back his expenses for the trips, although many criticized him for only paying for his portion of the bill, amounting to just over $50,000 of the total costs.

President Donald Trump was reportedly upset with the revelation of the travels, expressing he “was not happy” with hearing that Price used taxpayer funds to charter private flights.

Price is the latest in a long line of Trump administration officials to have been fired or resign from office — and we’re still only 252 days into the first term.

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