White House Says Trump Doesn’t Agree With Roy Moore

By on September 30, 2017
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Says Moore's comments don't jive with WH.

Speaking to reporters Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that President Trump does not share the same sentiments about making homosexuality a crime and banning Muslims from Congress that Roy Moore, the controversial Alabama GOP Senate candidate, espouses.

“I would certainly say we don’t agree with those comments,” Sanders said of comments Moore has made in the past. “But in terms of whether or not I’m going to get in to the back and forth over another candidate, we’re here to focus on the president and the president’s agenda, and those are the questions and the people that I can answer for.”

When pressed about whether the President finds any merit at all in Moore’s views, Sanders said, “I certainly know where the president stands on those issues and wouldn’t see any parallel between the two of them on that front.”

Sanders desperately wanted to avoid the topic, though. She consistently tried to deflect questions about Moore and tried to put distance between the firebrand and her boss.

“I’m not going to get in to back and forth on political endorsements from the podium,” she said. “So I’m not going to weigh in on a specific race ahead of time at this point.”

Trump endorsed Moore’s primary opponent, Luther Strange, but has since deleted all of his tweets of support for Strange and is reportedly furious that Moore won the GOP primary for Jeff Sessions’ old Senate seat. As far as optics go, having Moore on the GOP ticket at all is a bad look, but it’s made all the worse given the President’s apparent issues with transgender service members, not to mention his repeated attempts at implementing a Muslim ban.

The White House can’t ignore the problem forever, though. Barring an upset, Moore will likely win that seat and pull the Senate GOP even more toward the radical right.