Birth Control: No More Employer Mandate

By on October 6, 2017
Birth Control

The Trump administration wasn’t content to focus its attacks on the LGBT community Friday. In its new “religious liberty” guidance, the Department of Justice and the White House are also rolling back the mandate for employers to provide birth control coverage to employees under the Affordable Care Act.

The Obama administration issued the mandate years back. Since then, over 55 million women have been able to get access to affordable birth control. Under the new guidance from the DOJ, however, they run the risk of losing that coverage so long as employers demonstrate they have  “sincere religious beliefs” or “moral convictions” against providing birth control.

The administration also is peddling the ridiculous line that birth control promotes “risky sexual behavior” in the teenage population… as if the risk of teen pregnancy was somehow less risky than the alternative.

And according to the Guttmacher Institute, most “religious” people support the use of birth control:

Contraceptive use is common among women of all religious denominations. Eighty-nine percent of at-risk Catholics and 90% of at-risk Protestants currently use a contraceptive method. Among sexually experienced religious women, 99% of Catholics and Protestants have ever used some form of contraception.

What this whole thing really amounts to is that hardline religious conservatives have a big problem with a woman exercising any sort of choice over her sexuality. The clear message they are sending is that a woman’s job is simply to bear children, regardless of her actual wishes. Pregnancy is seen as a “punishment” for having sex in any other way than what they deem appropriate.

They don’t want women to have access to birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies or to have access to safe abortion when one occurs. It is a draconian viewpoint whose sole purpose is to suppress the sexual freedom of women while simultaneously elevating the sexual freedom of men, who can simply just walk away from a pregnancy if they don’t want to be involved in it.