Will Trump Let Miller Write Immigration Policy?

By on October 7, 2017
Stephen Miller

According to a new report from Politico, it appears President Trump may be handing top aide Stephen Miller the keys to the administration’s new immigration policy, which is sure to be bad news for anyone who thought the White House might actually work with Democrats to come up with something sensible.

Apparently one of the fundamental tenets of the deal would be a dramatic cut to legal immigration — up to 50 percent — over the next ten years.

That could be a big problem, though. From Politico:

The principles would likely be a political non-starter for Democrats and infuriate Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who have negotiated with President Donald Trump on immigration and left a White House meeting last month indicating a solution was near. They could also divide Republicans, many of whom oppose cutting legal immigration.

Miller apparently was none too happy that Trump was willing to sit down with Schumer and Pelosi to work out a DACA fix last month. He’s been pushing the President since then to return to this hard-line anti-immigration stance, which was exactly the type of rhetoric that made Trump the darling of the radical right during his 2016 presidential campaign. Miller has tried to push reforms that would give local law enforcement more authority to enforce federal immigration laws while also letting border states have the autonomy to draft their own individual laws.

His original proposal, the RAISE Act, contained many of these provisions. Congressional lawmakers quickly saw it for the unfettered mess that it was, though, and it hasn’t merited much serious consideration even amid all of the turmoil surrounding the ending of DACA.

If Trump does let Miller have a seat at the table, however, he’s likely to throw away any of the goodwill he has fostered with the Democratic leadership over recent weeks. Miller is universally reviled by Democrats (and most decent people) for his overtly white supremacist leanings and no good will come from letting him have any input in the immigration debate.