Carter Page Says He’ll Plead the Fifth

By on October 12, 2017
Former Trump aide Carter Page

Once eager to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee about so-called “hate crimes” by the Clinton campaign, former Trump aide Carter Page now says he’ll plead the fifth amendment in an attempt to avoid turning over documents to the panel according to a Politico report.

Page is asserting that the committee’s request for documents goes “beyond the charter” of its investigation. He also says he doesn’t want to be caught in a “perjury trap” because the government apparently has troves of information about his communications with Russian officials. One wonders, however, what the chances of being caught in a so-called “perjury trap” are if one is telling the truth?

It’s a bit of an about-face for Page, who all but begged to testify before the committee when he wanted to smear Hillary Clinton during the election. From Politico:

Page was eager for the committee’s attention earlier this year, when he showed up of his own volition to the panel’s secure office spaces on Capitol Hill to drop off a document he created alleging that he was the target of a smear campaign by Hillary Clinton’s aides. Clinton and her associates, Page alleged in his document — which he also shopped around to news organizations — were committing a hate crime against him by planting false stories about his ties to Russia, Page said. He was being targeted, he wrote in the document, because he was a Catholic male.

He’s still saying he’ll testify and wants to come before the committee during its Nov. 1 hearing on Russian social media cyberattacks. But don’t expect him to actually talk about anything of substance. It’s likely a grandstanding gesture to take away from the fact that he’s trying to wiggle out of giving the committee key documents that could show collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

The committee hasn’t yet responded to Page’s decision to take the fifth or his request to testify at the November 1 hearing.