Climate Change No Longer Part of EPA’s Plan

By on October 12, 2017
Scott Pruitt opposes climate change policies.

The Environmental Protection Agency has officially removed climate change from its long-range plan — the latest in agency head Scott Pruitt’s ongoing war against science and reason.

The 38-page document was put out by the agency last week and is open for public comment. Nowhere within the plan is the phrase “climate change” even used, nor are any of its chief causes, such as increased carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emission levels. Instead, the plan is focused on the notion of “rebalancing” the agency’s regulatory role, which is GOP-speak for the reality that they want to gut the agency and let big oil do whatever the heck it wants.

The last time the agency released a four-year plan, which was during President Obama’s tenure, the EPA listed climate change as the first of its major priorities. The entire phrase was peppered throughout the document, appearing over 40 times on 80 pages worth of material.

“We are focused on tangible environmental results for the American people: cleaning up contaminated land, punishing those that break environmental laws to the detriment to human health and the environment — and providing more Americans with access to clean air, land, and water,” said spokeswoman Liz Bowman to CNN.

Apparently addressing climate change that’s destroying the planet doesn’t constitute “tangible environmental results” under the Pruitt-led EPA. Given his connections to big oil going back to his time as the Attorney General of Oklahoma, it was only a matter of time before he managed to completely eliminate climate change from the EPA’s list of ongoing priorities. In the absence of leadership from the federal government, many states have said they will begin implementing their own policies to comply with the Paris Climate Agreement, even if the EPA won’t.

Public comment on the EPA’s four-year plan is open until October 31. It will then be submitted for Congressional approval in February.