Donald Trump Can’t Buy Class, CNN Host Says

By on October 17, 2017
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

According to CNN’s Don Lemon, President Donald Trump’s fixation with taking apart Barack Obama’s legacy is fueled by jealousy.

On Monday, Lemon described Trump’s obsession with Obama as stemming from a sense of inferiority before his predecessor’s natural “class.”

The topic of Lemon’s panel discussion touched on Trump’s recent attack on Obama, wherein the President said that Obama had failed to call the families of fallen soldiers in a swift manner — an assertion that was quickly dismissed as false.

CNN contributor Charles Blow wondered about the obsession. “Every single thing about him and everything that went wrong he attached it to Obama,” he said.

“So every time even Black Lives Matter protested, he would attach it to Obama: ‘Why hasn’t Obama fixed this?’ It was an intense fascination with one person that is inexplicable other than to be what we think it is, which is obsessive and the only thing he can think to do and accomplish,” Blow added.

“I don’t think it’s inexplicable,” said Lemon.  “You cannot buy, no matter how much money you have, you can’t buy class.”

“President Obama, whatever you think of his politics, is a very classy man,” said Lemon. “He’s a smart man. He’s one of the kindest people you want to meet, he and his wife are. I’m not talking about politics, having met them and knowing them, you can’t teach that. I think that’s something the president is jealous about. He doesn’t have those qualities.”

In the ensuing back and forth, Blow posited that Trump’s resentment might be based on Obama’s ability to easily ascend into rare air. “Obama was instantly granted a kind of cultural cache that Trump has been denied his entire life,” said Blow. “Even when he was at his most successful, moving into Manhattan, building skyscrapers, he still was not part of New York City elite cultural life, because, in fact, he refused to do the things that are required. First of all, stop acting a fool. But second of all, philanthropy.”

After the panel — which included Historian Douglas Brinkley and conservative columnist Matt Lewis — Lemon went back to his first point. “Some things you just can’t teach, and that’s class. He can never, no matter how much money, have what Obama had,” he concluded.