GOP Fears Impeachment if House Flips in 2018

By on October 17, 2017

The GOP’s popularity is tanking nationwide and, according to a CNN report, the party is now afraid that impeachment could be a real possibility if they lose control of the House of Representatives after the 2018 midterm elections.

The main issue right now is that Steve Bannon, the President’s former Chief Strategist and current white nationalist, appears to be rallying a stable of primary challengers for establishment Republican candidates who aren’t alt-right enough for his tastes.

From CNN:

Alex Conant, a partner at GOP public affairs firm Firehouse Strategies, said Trump should focus on protecting his own party.

“The number one thing Trump should be doing to save his presidency is helping congressional Republicans maintain their majorities,” Conant said. “Instead he’s allowing his allies like Steve Bannon to really undermine Republican reelection campaigns. It’s just reckless and politically naive considering how devastating it would be to his presidency.”

Those Republicans who are able to survive such challenges will find themselves at a political and financial disadvantage if they face off against Democrats who run uncontested. If Democrats can flip enough of those seats and gain control of the House, the entire game will change.

Key committees, such as oversight and intelligence, would then be headed up by representatives who will be more likely to issue subpoenas and push the Russia investigation forward.

With a more motivated House, the prospect of impeachment would become even more likely. For his part, Trump still doesn’t seem to fear such an outcome. Whether it’s confidence or foolishness, the President seems to believe he is bulletproof. And every time the heat gets turned up, he just manufactures another crisis to divert attention away.

If things haven’t come to a boiling point with North Korea by the time the 2018 midterms roll around, it wouldn’t be at all surprising for him to turn up heat and push the U.S. into a dangerous and bloody conflict.