Howard Stern Says Harvey Weinstein Lied to Him About ‘Casting Couch’ Antics

By on October 17, 2017
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Veteran shock jock Howard Stern revealed to his Sirius XM audience that he knew Harvey Weinstein was lying to him during a 2014 interview when the disgraced producer told him there was no such thing as a “casting couch” anymore.

Stern bluntly asked Weinstein if he could just walk into a room, pull off his pants and say to an actress, “‘Okay, honey let’s talk business,'” according to Newsweek.

Weinstein responded to Stern’s scenario by saying that he wished he could but that the economics of modern filmmaking made that impossible. “The movies are too expensive, the risks are too great. It doesn’t happen that way anymore,” said Weinstein, who then went on to wax nostalgically about the days when the “casting couch” was a reality. “John Frankenheimer, you know the great director, told us stories about his day in the movies. We were born way too late,” he said.

Not buying the producer’s story, Stern pressed on. “Every girl knows that if she’s a competent actress, if she could get on your good side, you could make her a star over-f—king-night. Don’t tell me it doesn’t work like that.”

“Really, I hate to disappoint you,” Weinstein replied.

Following the dozens of sexual assault allegations that have come against Weinstein, Stern decided to reveal to his Monday morning audience that he knew Weinstein was not telling the truth about the “casting couch.”

“I knew he was lying, I knew it,” said Stern, recalling a personal story from a friend. “I knew a girl who told me like years ago that … she had met with Harvey and he kind of came on to her, she told me.”

Stern relayed, “She was telling me laughing. Like she goes, ‘Oh, like every girl in Hollywood.’ And she was telling me laughing, ‘Yeah, I just got up and left.'”

Stern called Weinstein’s actions “pathetic.”