What?!? Trump Grades His Puerto Rico Response A Perfect ’10’

By on October 19, 2017

Ever the one to lavish praise unto himself, President Donald Trump told reporters on Thursday that his response to Hurricane Maria and the devastation it wrought to Puerto Rico couldn’t have been any better.

That may come as a surprise to many on the island, which is still 78 percent without power, as CNN’s Keith Boykin pointed out.

Trump has also previously touted the low death count as proof of his administration’s positive response to the island’s recovery. On October 3, Trump implied he was “proud” of the fact that only 16 individuals had died during the storm. That number was shortly revised to twice as many, and reflects only the “official” count being kept. In actuality, closer to 450 people have likely died on the territorial island.

Trump on Thursday, however, told reporters how he thought he did. Asked on a scale between 1 and 10, Trump said that his response was…a perfect 10.

There are many things wrong with the president’s response. For starters, it’s clear to see that Trump has a “low bar” for what he considers “perfect.” A perfect score, for example, wouldn’t have included 16 deaths, 35 deaths, 450 deaths, or even 1 death. It’d be zero, because that’s what perfection would look like.

But it’s also clear that the president is unaware of how dire things in Puerto Rico remain. People are still struggling for clean water and electricity. People are still dying — and this president has the audacity to say he did things perfectly.

Most Americans disagree with Trump’s assessment. Half of the U.S. thinks Trump did a bad job in his response, and only a third thought he did a good job. That puts his score roughly at 3 out of 10, not a perfect 10 like Trump imagines it to be.

This president is obviously miles apart from reality. While he believes he can do no wrong, more and more American citizens struggle with the effects of Hurricane Maria and other storms that hit the coast. And all he can say is, “job well done.”