Right Wing Radio Host Blames George Soros For 2008 Financial Crash

By on October 20, 2017
Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Right Wing radio host Sandy Rios is telling her audience that George Soros, the Hungarian-American investor and philanthropist, might have been responsible for the 2008 financial crash.

According to Rios, the crash was likely a calculated way to get Obama into the White House.

On her Wednesday show, Rios was talking Tim Wildmon (President of the American Family Association) and the conversation moved to Soros.

Noting that the left-leaning business magnate had moved $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations charity,  Rios reasoned that since Soros was part of a group of hedge fund managers who bet against the British Pound in 1992, it was conceivable that he had a hand in undermining the U.S. economy in order to usher in President Obama.

“He manipulates, and some people, Tim, believe that — OK, I can’t corroborate, I can’t confirm this — but some people believe that George Soros’ fingerprints were on that 2008 stock market bottom-fell-out-of-everything crash that really probably paved the way for Barack Obama to become president,” Rios said, according to Right Wing Watch

“The world is filled with George Soros, and not with his money, but that’s why communism, too, has such a root and has still survived after so many decades — thriving, in fact,” she added.

Wildmon chimed in saying that because Soros was Jewish and an atheist, he hated God “in his heart.”

Rios added her blunt take on the differences between the Right and Left. “That always explains the difference between Christians/conservatives — they’re not the same, necessarily, as we both know — and liberals/atheists, because they live for today,” she said. “That’s why they fight so hard.”

Rios went on to accuse Soros of getting a kick out of mayhem before linking secularism with Satan.

“The struggle is what they enjoy,” she said. “It’s the fights in the streets, it’s turning people, it’s the strife, it’s the angst — that’s what they live for.  And so I always think they don’t understand who their real father is. Their father is the father of lies, and that really describes Satan.”