Republicans Should Join The Resistance To Trump — Before More Damage Can Be Done

By on October 24, 2017

The Republican Party is facing an identity crisis. Three senators this week, whose surnames were not Murkowski or Collins, indicated they could no longer sit on the sidelines while a president from within their own party defied the values of this country.

Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, both of Arizona, as well as Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, ought to be commended for voicing their support for country over party. But in many ways, their words of defiance come too late.

They come, in some cases, only after President Donald Trump became critical against them personally over the course of weeks and months of verbal abuses. Trump has engaged in Twitter wars with Corker; he has questioned the patriotism of former POW McCain; and he threatened Flake by indicating he might support a primary opponent to the senator.

For most of the nation, Trump’s rhetorical style and threats to women, minorities, and religious groups were enough for us to stand up against. It didn’t require attacks against your own identity to determine that this person was a bad man.

Put another way, the Resistance movement came about not solely because of opposition to Trump’s political stances, but also in opposition to his attempts to undermine the values of the United States itself. And some in the GOP are finally starting to wake up to that fact.

Imagine if they had done so long before today. Imagine if Flake, McCain, and Corker, recognizing that Trump had this monstrous personality that was detrimental for the nation’s best interests, spoke out like they do today long before November 2016. And imagine if they had determined that Hillary Clinton, even though she was from outside of their party, was the best choice to lead the U.S. between the two.

We could have avoided the last ten months of headache, face-palming, and bewilderment. Clinton would still be scrutinized to a high degree — we shouldn’t imagine otherwise. But had some in the GOP broken ranks and supported her, it’s not a huge stretch of the imagination to believe that we wouldn’t be on the brink of a nuclear war, or that relief efforts in Puerto Rico would be stronger than they are today, or that an Army widow would have received the respect that was due to her upon receiving the worst news a military family can get.

It’s too late to fix the mess we’re in now. Yet if more Republicans join Flake, McCain, Corker, Murkowski, and Collins, as well as other outspoken individuals against Trump on the right, perhaps we can avoid further calamity in the future. And maybe we can take a step closer toward a remedy for removing Trump from office.

The Resistance, although primarily a leftist movement, has plenty of room for Republicans to join it. The fate of the nation may depend upon it.