Poll: Dems Feel Party Should Move To Left

By on October 25, 2017

The latest monthly Harvard-Harris poll of registered voters offers a number of interesting revelations regarding the mood of the nation. Perhaps most notable is that a majority of Democrats and an even greater number of younger Dems feel the party should shift further to the left in the policies it supports and pursues.

In answering the question, “Do you support or oppose movements within the Democratic Party to take it even further to the left and oppose the current Democratic leaders?” 52 percent of respondents replied affirmatively. In the 18-34 year old demographic, support for the leftward move jumps to 68 percent.

Interestingly, men oppose such a shift by a slight majority of 51 percent. Women approve of a more leftist party by 55 percent.

The support for Democrats moving leftward is also higher with ethnic groups. The ever-more important Hispanic demographic favors going left by 65 percent. African Americans also approve of the shift by 55 percent. White Democrats oppose the notion by 55 percent.

But even while Dems tend towards a leftward orientation for the party, only 29 percent believe it will help in the next elections. Forty percent feel it will hurt, and the remaining 31 percent think it will have no effect.

Those numbers trend similarly to the overall response to the question of how the Democratic party is doing its job. Only 39 percent approve. Yet on the same question, the Republican party scores a whopping 71 percent disapproval score.

Bernie Sanders earned the highest favorable rating among major politicians by a wide margin at 53 percent. President Trump has a 56 percent unfavorable rating.

One interesting takeaway from the poll is feelings on the Russia investigation, which some Trump opponents hope will possibly yield grounds for impeachment. When respondents were asked if it’s hurting or helping the nation, some six out of 10 (63 percent) feel it is hurting America. Only 37 percent see it as helping.