Carter Page: Russia ‘May Have Come Up’ in Emails

By on October 31, 2017
Carter Page

Former Trump campaign policy adviser Carter Page appeared last night on MSNBC in an interview with Chris Hayes during which he casually mentioned that Russia may have been among the topics discussed in emails between campaign officials.

Hayes asked Page several direct questions about George Papadopolous — the former campaign staffer who pleaded guilty to lying to FBI officials about his Russian contacts — and the nature of their communications. Specifically, Hayes asked Page if he was in on the email chains discussed in the indictment that seemed to encourage Papadopoulos to make contact with Kremlin officials and act as an intermediary between Putin’s regime and the Tump campaign.

“Look, there is a lot of email all over the place when you’re in a campaign,” said page.

“Yes or no, were you on email chains with Papadopoulos?” Hayes pressed.

“Probably a few, yeah,” Page answered, adding that “it may have come up from time to time, again there was nothing major.”

Page also denied reports that he was the “low level” campaign official mentioned in the Papadopoulos indictment who was selected to travel to Russia “so as not to send any signal.”

“I definitely was not. I’m sure on that one that I wasn’t. It was very clear. And if you listen to the audio of all or the transcripts of everything I said, I was always there just as a private citizen. And I’ve spoken at universities in Moscow, in Russia, in Asia, in Europe many times. So I was totally separate from the campaign. … They said if you want to go on your own, we’re fine with that,” he said.

Page seems to be brazen in his speech about the issue, which may not be the best idea. When asked if he had representation, the former Trump staffer said he has “advisers” but stopped short of saying he has full legal counsel. If he’s going to keep talking this openly about Russia, however, he may want to consider actually hiring a lawyer.