Papadopoulos Part of ‘Large Scale Investigation’

By on October 31, 2017
George Papadopoulos

Documents released by special counsel Robert Mueller’s office Monday show that the apparent flipping of former Donald Trump campaign staffer George Papadopoulos is apparently just the tip of the iceberg.

During his plea proceedings, prosecutors from Mueller’s team laid out why the plea needed to be sealed for a period of time. One of their primary reasons for requesting secrecy was the impact that the guilty plea would have on their larger collusion investigation, of which the Papadopoulos case was merely a beginning piece.

“The criminal justice interest being vindicated here is there’s a large-scale ongoing investigation of which this case is a small part,” said prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky during the plea agreement hearing — the transcript of which was unsealed on Monday.

Another reason Mueller wanted to keep the plea agreement secret is the impact it might have on future witnesses to cooperate and/or flip themselves.

“Although the government is moving expeditiously to interview individuals of immediate interest to the investigation, news that the defendant has been charged with and pleaded guilty to lying to federal agents may make those individuals reluctant to speak with investigators,” said Mueller’s office, according to CNN.

Was Carter Page one of those witnesses in question? It’s odd that he would appear on cable television the night all this comes to light and talk openly about his own ties to Russia. One might think he’s doing something foolish and jeopardizing his own freedom even further.

A more suspicious person, however, might surmise that perhaps Page has a sealed plea of his own already in the hopper and is doing some wetwork for Mueller to help draw out some of the bigger players while lightening his own sentence in the process.

That’s where we are now. Mueller has done such a fantastic job of playing everything close to the vest that there’s honestly no telling which shoe is going to drop next. For the Trump administration, that’s the scariest thought of all this Halloween.