Trump Twitter Account Gets Briefly Deleted

By on November 3, 2017

For at least a short span of time on Thursday, many Americans who follow national politics were able to breathe an all-too-brief sigh of relief, and even say “Hallelujah!”

For a blessed 11 minutes, Donald Trump’s Twitter account (@realDonaldTrump) was deleted. It seems that a Twitter employee on his last day of work eliminated the place where the president boasts, threatens, insults and demeans, complains, lies and carps about “fake news” that almost always isn’t and more, behaving in a fashion that his opponents and even some in the GOP feel is decidedly unpresidential. And some contend offers compelling evidence of a personality that is immature, vengeful and delusional if not deeply disturbed.

Twitter initially attributed the deletion to “human error.” The site subsequently announced that a person it has only identified as a “customer support employee” who was leaving the company decided to, one might assume, have some fun and/or do the world a big favor – read in whatever motive you might wish to assign to the act – on their final day at the social media company and deactivated Trump’s account. The reaction on the site by those who noted its absence is mightily entertaining.

On Friday morning, Trump tweeted about the outage.

His statement has people scratching their heads in much the same fashion as when he tweted “covfefe.” What exactly is the word that is finally getting out? And what is the impact that it is having that caused his account to disappear from the Web? Just what the hell is he saying? The White House has yet to further explain Trump’s remark.

Twitter said, “We are conducting a full internal review.” The account deletion raises many questions about the company’s internal procedures and how a low-level employee could eliminate the account of the president of the United States without at least some supervisory oversight. It also raises concerns regarding the security of its accounts and whether Trump’s Twitter page could get hacked. And the incident renewed calls for his Twitter account to actually be removed for violating the site’s terms of service.