DNC Chair Perez: ‘Trump was undeniably on the ballot’

By on November 8, 2017
DNC Chair Tom Perez

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez spoke Wednesday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe about the impressive results from last night’s elections in Virginia and New Jersey, praising both Ralph Northam and Phil Murphy for being “sane” candidates and for keeping their respective campaigns focused on the issues.

“Donald Trump was undeniably on the ballot in a number of races, because he’s trying to divide America. People are so sick of these Twitter tirades,” Perez said.” “They want leaders they can be proud of. And that’s why people like Phil Murphy and Ralph Northam were able to win, because they’re sane. They’re people who are speaking to the issues that people care about. They actually care about facts.”

He also said that the party’s ability to organize – especially in the down-ballot races – was the major factor that nullified misleading news stories and led to so many Democratic victories (and upsets) on Tuesday night.

“When we organize, when we make those relationships, when we’re running candidates, then when the false news comes out, if you’ve organized and built those relationships with people, that false news doesn’t penetrate,” Perez said. “You saw the ads in Virginia and elsewhere. Those ads — that dog didn’t hunt.”

One of the most notable victories came in Virginia’s 13th House District, where 25-year incumbent Bob Marshall (R) was upended by Danica Roem (D), who will become the first openly transgender woman to ever serve in any state’s legislature.

It’s a shot in the arm for a party that’s had a rough go of it in recent days, especially with the infighting that came in the wake of Donna Brazile’s comments about the 2016 Democratic presidential primary.

Now the party will begin looking forward to 2018, with Perez stoking the hope that Democrats can carry some of this momentum forward and perhaps take back the House of Representatives, or even the Senate.