Alex Jones Says Texas Church Shooting Was A Plot To Embarass Trump

By on November 13, 2017

Austin-based conspiracy theorist Alex Jones believes that the recent church shooting which took place in Sutherland Springs, TX, was a staged event designed to humiliate President Donald Trump.

Speaking with Shepard Ambellas, the editor of the conspiracy theory site Intellihub, Jones said there was no doubt that the mass shooting executed by a 26-year old man named Devin Patrick Kelley was staged.

Jones has had several ideas about the shooting which ended in the deaths of dozens of people.

Days after the shooting, Jones spoke directly to the dead killer as a “little devil worshiper pedophile” and screamed: “You know what, you little bastard? You’re dead now.”

Asserting that Kelley was somehow allowed to go forward with a mass shooting, Jones said, “You got your permission from Antifa and the media to go out—yeah, your mother-in-law is there and there are a bunch of Christians and you hate them and you’re a big leftist Antifa.”

“And you know what? You’ll kill two birds with one stone. You got permission to be a sack of crap. You’re going to go in there and kill a bunch of people,” he added.

Jones then proposed that Kelly was a mind controlled assassin from the so called “deep state.”

Describing the way the recruitment scenario played out for his audience, Jones said Kelly was told, “‘You’re our little secret agent now of the deep state. You’re not going to go to jail. Don’t kill your commanding officers. We have a job for you.’ And just like a wind-up toy right out of a government mental institutions, allowed to get guns.”

Jones summed up Kelly as a “classic Manchurian candidate.”

Now the 43-year-old radio host has chalked up the shooting as an attempt to humiliate Trump.

“There’s a civil war going on the embarrass Trump, he said. I mean, no doubt this is staged,” Jones said on a YouTube clip provided by Right Wing Watch. “They let him out of that mental institution when he was planning to kill his command chain. They let him go. They knew.”