Jim Bakker Says Mocking Trump Will Invite The Wrath of God

By on November 13, 2017

Televangelist Jim Bakker has cautioned his audience that mocking President Donald Trump will lead to the wrath of God.

Having previously spent time in prison starting in the late 1980s for accounting fraud, Bakker summed up the opposition to Trump’s presidency as a faction bent on jailing the Commander-in-Chief.

As reported by Right Wing Watch, the evangelical television preacher stated that be believed that opponents of the president “want Trump in prison.”

“I thought we had an America that we were supposed to have an election and then start working together. We have an almost anti-American spirit going on,” Bakker assessed.

Mixing conspiracy theory related to the very structure of Washington D.C. with a suspicion of the Left, Bakker’s guest, Sharon Gilbert, said, “Washington, D.C. seems to be the black heart of this terrible spiritual movement.”

Gilbert asserted that the city was filled with “men and women who serve our enemy, the enemy of Yahweh.”

To Gilbert this was proof that any opposition to Trump  was “occult in nature.”

The 77-year old Bakker moved to the topic of abortion. “How can we want to kill a president who is trying to save America’s babies?” he asked.

He then rallied his audience to move toward action. “Come on Christians, you had better wake up! Because the church is very sound asleep over this thing and judgment will come,” he scolded.

Referring to the Bible as if it were a playbook, Bakker added, “I’ve read the book —I didn’t just read the end of the book, I read the whole book. Judgment always comes when you mock God, when you curse God and we’ve cursed God in this country.”

Bakker has recently been using his air time to sell end time products such as emergency food supplies and DVDs on spiritual warfare.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/public domain.