Roy Moore Threatens to Sue Washington Post

By on November 13, 2017
Roy Moore

Over the weekend, Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore said he plans to sue the Washington Post in response to a story the newspaper published containing allegations from several women that Moore had inappropriate relationships with them as teenagers.

Moore delivered the threat during a talk at the Christian Citizen Task Force forum. According to NBC News, the candidate once again denied the allegations, dismissing them as little more than a “political attack” from the Democratic party ahead of next month’s election to determine Alabama’s next Senator. He the slammed the Post for reporting the story and went on to say that the piece was one “for which they will be sued.”

During a separate talk on Saturday, Moore lamented “Why do they come now? Because there are groups that don’t want me in the United States Senate. They’re desperate.”

Along with his cronies, Moore has spent the past three days doing everything he can to try to discredit the women who have come out with the allegations. He even enlisted the help of FOX News host Sean Hannity, who tried to justify Moore’s behavior as “consensual” even though he’s accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl. Hannity has already lost a number of sponsors because of those comments.

As far as a lawsuit goes, Moore would have a tough hill to climb in order to win a case against the Post. It wouldn’t be enough to just prove that the allegations are false. As a public figure, would have to show “actual malice” on the part of the Post, meaning he would have to show that the newspaper knew that the allegations were false and deliberately chose to publish them anyway because they wanted to harm the candidate. The established bar for proving actual malice is quite high, and given the rigorous vetting the Post says it undertook in sourcing the story, it’s highly unlikely Moore would have much of a court case.