Right Wing Radio Host Excuses Roy Moore Because His Victims Looked Twenty

By on November 13, 2017
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Conservative talk show host Wayne Allyn Root has defended Roy Moore against accusations that the Republican Senate candidate engaged in sexually predatory behavior with multiple teenage girls from 1977-1982.

According to Root, Moore may be excused as the girls appeared to look as if they were in their 20s at the time. In a clip provided by Right Wing Watch, Root says, “They were beautiful young girls and they could have passed for 20.”

“Let’s say he hit on a couple of them. First of all, none of them say he had sex with them. He kissed them — that’s it!” Root said, writing off Moore’s actions off as mere flirtation.

Out of the four women who have accused Moore of inappropriate behavior, one has described Moore’s actions as far more than flirtation.

Leigh Corfman said that when she was was 14 Moore took her to his home, undressed her and touched her over her bra and underpants, guiding her hand to touch him over his own underwear, reported USA Today.

Root argued that even if Moore did make some sexual advances toward teenagers, it was forgivable because they were the actions of a heterosexual man.

He then brought up unsubstantiated rumors of homosexuality involving Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama.

“Where are the women Hillary’s dated all these years?” asked Root. “How come they don’t come forward? Where are they? Everybody knows about them.”

Regarding Obama, Root said:

I’ve heard the rumors about Bathhouse Barry. Everyone has. Bathhouse Barry, well known in Chicago. By the way, not a rumor from a stranger I don’t know, rumors from my friends in Chicago, who are people in the know who tell me Barack Obama has a sordid past.

Root attacked Moore’s critics as “scumbags” and went so far as to describe Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as “evil.”