Conpiracy Theorists Say Attacks On Them Are Attacks On The American Family

By on November 14, 2017

Speaking on the Alex Jones show, Mike Cernovich, a men’s empowerment writer turned “New Right” provocateur, is claiming that any attacks on him or his fellow conspiracy theorists are in fact attacks on every nuclear family in America.

Discussing the recent Senate testimony given by an attorney representing Twitter, Cernovich exploded with paranoia.

In his Senate testimony, Sean J. Edgett explained that Twitter had made an attempt to quash perceived interference in the 2016 election by suppressing tweets that promoted Wikileaks releases with the hashtags “#DNCLeak” and “#PodestaEmails.” He also said that the social media platform was making an effort to vet extreme content.

As a video provided by Right Wing Watch shows, both Cernovich and Jones took this as proof of suppression coming from conspiratorial globalist forces out to censor their extreme right positions.

“This is not an attack on you and me. We’re just puppets to the globalist pedophile masterminds,” Cernovich said, complaining to Jones about their predicament. “You and I, they’re attacking us because we’re public figures. Ultimately, this is an attack on every nuclear family in America. They’re trying to destroy the nuclear family. They’re trying to enslave people.”

The InfoWars host agreed. “That’s it. We’re figureheads of the nuclear family and of just basic sanity, and if they can shut us down they can shut everybody down,” Jones said.

“Exactly,” Cernovitch recounted. “You and I, if we went away and somebody replaced us, then the media would never even talk about us. They would talk about whoever the new person on the vanguard was, the new public figure—fundamentally anybody that preaches a pro-America, pro-family, pro-morals.”

Cernovich surmised that the attack was in reality an attack on any person of faith.

He then posited that liberals wanted open borders so they could then bring in “vulnerable women and children to rape.”