Legendary Editor Tina Brown Talks About Trump’s Appeal

By on November 15, 2017

In promotion of her new book, The Vanity Fair Diaries, legendary editor Tina Brown spoke with Time about her eight years with the publication.

Detailing the stresses and joys of her editorship, Brown touched upon the subjects of Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, and Hillary Clinton.

On Trump, who figures in her diaries as a man always weaving in and out of the scene, Brown said, “There is something so deeply American about his appeal. At the end of the day, Donald Trump is a man with a golden tower and a big airplane and a model wife. That’s a very easy thing to understand as a success story.”

According to Brown, Trump’s flash and obviousness seems to have helped him get elected. “People don’t really understand what bankers do. They don’t understand what Facebook entrepreneurs do particularly all day long,” she said. “But they do know what it means to build the golden tower and have a model wife.”

Brown is amazed by her own recollections regarding the rise of Ronald Reagan in the early 1980’s. “It’s quite striking to read it today, how it could almost be the first act of where we are today,” she said.

Brown also reflected on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential loss. “Look, there was an explosion, a perfect storm of terrible forces came together,” she said.

“I believed that she should have her post-presidency without going through the hell of running,” Brown, who had penned a column arguing that Clinton should not run, added.

Having worked with disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein before, Brown says she regrets the association. “I regretted that long before the sexual harassment complaints. I regretted it within about twenty-five minutes of signing the contract,” she said.

The 63-year old veteran journalist and talk show host says she had no idea about all the alleged sexual harassment but, due to what she knew of Weinstein’s personality, she was not at all surprised.