The View Takes Apart Roy Moore And His Apologists

By on November 15, 2017

As more allegations of sexual misconduct have come against Roy Moore, the ladies of The View have been on fire with poignant observations regarding the state of politics and the lasting damage that the Alabama Senate candidate will have on the Republican party.

On Tuesday’s program, co-host Sunny Hostin — a former federal prosecutor who has had experience dealing with child molestation cases — wrestled with how an issue as serious as child sexual abuse could become a partisan issue.

In frank disbelief at Moore’s defenders, Hostin asked, “Since when is pedophilia partisan?”

Meghan McCain was quick to point out that Moore was not the Republican Party’s choice for a candidate. She reminded the table how not even Trump was a fan of Moore

Calling Moore “the ultimate Steve Bannon candidate,” McCain bemoaned the state of her party. “The problem right now for conservatives like me is these are not traditional candidates you would be putting up from my perspective,” she said. “And I think when you have these populist revolutions and this constant fight with traditional conservatives and traditional Republicans, you’re going to end up with candidates who quite frankly aren’t vetted to the degree that they need to be.”

McCain went on to predict that the shadow of Roy Moore would loom over her party for a long time. “Let me tell you, this stain is going to stick with [Republicans] into the midterms and going into 2020,” she said.

Alluding to the new accusations that Moore may have at one time been watched closely while entering a local mall for fear that he might be sexually preying on young girls, co-host Sara Haines said, “Can I just say, if you can’t shop at the local mall, maybe you shouldn’t be in the Senate.”

Longtime View co-host Joy Behar said that all of this objectification of women had made her sick of even being looked at.