Elderly Alabama Natives Say Preying On Young Girls Was Common

By on November 16, 2017
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As many political onlookers remain perplexed over how, despite the numerous accusations of sexual misconduct aimed at Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, the former state judge still has his supporters, Vice reporter Alexandra Jaffe visited a senior center in Huntsville to find out why this might be.

Speaking to two elderly women regarding the allegations of sexual abuse, the journalist discovered that the issue might be generational.

As a clip from Vice News shows, both women, one for Moore and one against, admitted that it was not at all uncommon to see to see older men make sexual advances on underage teenage girls.

Alabama native Marjorie Reese told Jaffe the abuse occurred but was not really discussed as a problem. “We just didn’t hear about it,” she said,.  “I do think it happened.”

“The things that happened to women back then, they didn’t tell it because they wouldn’t have been believed,” Margaret Tudor, an Alabama native who is backing Democrat Doug Jones in the upcoming election, said. “And it’s so hard to come out and tell something like that.”

Reese acknowledged that there was a constant atmosphere of harassment of teenagers back when she went to high school. “Mean teachers touched us, maybe inappropriately, but we just didn’t say anything,” Reese said. “That was part of life… The women, you know, the underdog, we always had to do what the men said.”

Despite her personal experience informing the likelihood that Moore’s accusers are being honest, Reese plans to vote for the disgraced candidate because to her mind nothing has been proven.

So far six women have come forward to accused Moore of sexually predatory behavior.

A woman named Tina Johnson details being groped by Moore in 1991. Speaking to AL.com, Johnson says, “This is not a politics thing with me. It’s more of a moral and religious thing.”

Knowing what she knows of him, Moore’s latest accuser takes issue with the politician talking about his Christian faith on TV.