Presidential Historian Fears Trump’s Lies Have Made Voters Cynical

By on November 18, 2017
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Robert Dallek, a presidential historian who has just penned a book about FDR titled Franklin Roosevelt: A Political Life, believes that the Trump administration ranks easily as the most corrupt in American history.

“Politicians lie, but this is different,” Dallek said to Vox

Writing recently for the Guardian, Dallek called the current administration a “disaster.” Although, he did stress that the U.S. has shown resilience in the past and has survived major corruption before.

Dallek spoke on the corruption of the current administration. “The fish rots from the head, and the stench of this administration starts at the very top,” he said.

Dallek believes that the Trump administration spells a low point in U.S. history. “We’ve been through scandals before, going as far back as the Grant administration in the 19th century and the Harding administration in the early 20th century. Presidents have been accused of bribery and shady gift-giving. So it’s not entirely unique to see scandals subsume a White House,” he said. “But the shamelessness of this administration, the dishonesty, the total indifference to facts, is something I haven’t seen before — at least not this blatant. I think it’s demoralized people and made them even more cynical about politics.”

Dallek sees Trump’s short time in office as already the most dishonest presidency America has weathered.

In the end it is the lying that, to Dallek, has had the worst effect on the nation’s morale.

“Well, our system depends upon something like a consensus, something like majority rule,” he said. “But now we have a president who outright lies about … everything. He lies about the number of votes he received, about the size of his inauguration crowd, about his own achievements, about Muslims cheering in the streets after 9/11, and so on. He lies about basic observable facts.”

Dallek feels that the cumulative effect of Trump’s lying has made people “deeply cynical” about the entire democratic system.