Corey Feldman Is On A Mission To Stop The Dark Forces of Hollywood

By on November 19, 2017

Before the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal broke, unleashing a wave a of allegations directed at everyone from Kevin Spacey to Louis C.K., child star Corey Feldman had spoken up about child sexual abuse in Hollywood and was mocked mercilessly for it.

He now sees himself as ready to fight what he is calling “dark forces” in order to put a stop to institutionalized pedophilia.

Speaking to Newsweek, the star of The Goonies and Stand By Me said that the motivation that led him to speak out against his abusers was “almost demonic.”

“First of all, the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke. When that happened, people in my life who know my background were suddenly saying, ‘Corey, do it now, you have to name these guys now,’” he said.

After making his initial Twitter statement of appreciation regarding all the women coming forward and emphasizing that what he had been through was different, Feldman woke to find that he had 30,000 new followers, and perhaps a mission.

Although not religious, Feldman sees child abuse in Hollywood as nothing less than an almost spiritual battle between good and evil.

“I believe that pedophilia in Hollywood is the symptom of a huge network motivated by dark forces,” said Feldman, who recently decided to come forward with the names of several alleged molesters on the Dr. Oz show. “People cover up stories like this for power, for greed, and they choose to ignore victims because they don’t want to have to think about what they did or didn’t do that led to kids being in harm’s way.”

Outside of any spiritual battle, Feldman sees a definite material pattern to the shelf-life of a child star.

“There’s this story that keeps repeating itself [about] child stars who are adored by adults [who are] always talking to them and hovering around them. And then we all decide they don’t have talent anymore. And when they turn to drugs or have difficult lives, we mock them. We force them on reality TV or TV movies or, worse, we offer them parts where they have to make fun of themselves.” he said.

Feldman said this phenomena goes all the way back to Shirley Temple.

Feldman is planning on making a feature film which will expose a slew of Hollywood pedophiles, and though he is encouraged by the people coming forward with their stories of abuse he worries that the awareness will subside.

I fear that after all these victims come out and name their abusers, the system will just close back around them and nothing will have changed,” he said.