Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty, Will Cooperate With Investigation

By on December 1, 2017
Michael Flynn

Former Trump administration National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who was fired by President Donald Trump in February, has pleaded guilty to the FBI in the Russia investigation being led by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Many have speculated in the past that, because Flynn is only being charged with one criminal act, that he may have worked out a plea deal with the investigation. And that seems to be the case, as ABC News reported this morning, shortly after Flynn entered his plea, that he will indeed be cooperating with Mueller’s Russia probe.

ABC News also reports that’s it isn’t yet clear how Flynn intends to cooperate, or what information he even has to hand over to Mueller and his team. ABC also reports that Flynn informed those close to him of his decision to “flip” over the past 24 hours, citing his feelings that President Trump had abandoned him.

Flynn is charged specifically with lying to investigators about conversations he had with a former Russian ambassador, including lying to FBI agents about discussions they had during the transition period before the president assumed office. Flynn made those lies on January 24, however, four days after Trump took office.

Just because Flynn made a plea deal, however, doesn’t mean he’s necessarily out of the woods when it comes to being punished. The crime for which he admitted to carries with it a maximum sentence of five years, according to BuzzFeed. However, because of his cooperating with the investigation, it’s likely that sentence will be reduced to a much shorter timeframe.

So what does this all mean? It’s a surefire sign that members of the Trump administration, including the president himself, are in a world of worry this morning. With Flynn now speaking freely to investigators, we should expect Trump to make more outrageous statements on Twitter — and to attempt to distract away from the issue as much as he can.