Trump Endorses Alleged Sexual Assaulter Roy Moore

By on December 4, 2017

Tweeting early on Monday about the upcoming special election for U.S. Senate in Alabama later this month, President Donald Trump put aside any last semblance of disassociation that remained from embattled Republican candidate Roy Moore, giving what appears to be a full and ringing endorsement of him.

Despite Moore being alleged by a handful of women to have inappropriately touched them — including an account by a woman who was 14-years-old at the time, as well as an account by a separate woman who said Moore attempted to force her to perform oral sex on him — the president has decided to ignore the concerns of those women, and to offer his support of the GOP candidate.

His reasoning is wholly political. Trump makes derisive references in two tweets to liberals, and tries to liken Moore’s opponent to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, two Democrats that Trump often criticizes in stark terms on social media and elsewhere.

Some of the president’s points are laughable. For instance, Trump makes references to Jones being soft on crime. Yet it was Democratic candidate Doug Jones who, as a federal prosecutor, brought down former KKK members for a bombing against a black church that occurred about 50 years ago, an event that resulted in the deaths of four black girls.

Relentlessly pursuing justice against a crime that happened several decades ago? That sounds pretty tough on crime to me.

On the other hand, a case could be made to say that Moore is the actual candidate who is lacking the bona fides Trump claims he has. The exact opposite of being “tough on crime” isn’t always being “soft” on it: sometimes, the opposite is abusing your position in power to commit crimes yourself. And that’s exactly what women in Alabama are alleging Moore did to them.

Trump’s endorsement of Moore is even more disturbing, given that Trump himself has been accused of abusing women sexually himself. In recent weeks, it was revealed that Trump has even gone so far as to deny his voice was the one heard on a recording of him from 2005, where he openly bragged about being unable to control himself and kissing women he found attractive. He also told Access Hollywood reporter Billy Bush that he would grab women by their genitalia, just because he could, in the video recording.

After hearing that Trump had been denying that it was his voice on the tape, Bush penned a New York Times op-ed confirming that Trump indeed said those words, and that the recording was authentic. “He said it. ‘Grab em by the pussy,'” Bush wrote. “Of course he said it.”

Trump’s endorsement of Moore proves that birds of a feather flock together. Unfortunately, these two individuals have no business being in politics. Moore should be rejected as a candidate by the people of Alabama — and should he win election, the U.S. Senate should reject him as well.

As for Trump, the pressures of the job are clearly getting to him. It’s unclear if he’s mentally fit to lead the country — but we already have our answers on whether he’s morally fit to do so, and his removal from office would be justified on those merits alone.