Obama Speechwriter Responds Perfectly To Trump’s Economic Claims

By on December 10, 2017

President Donald Trump frequently brags about an economy he had little to do with improving.

His predecessor, former President Barack Obama, took an economy that was losing hundreds of thousands of jobs per month, and converted it to one where hundreds of thousands of jobs gains were made instead. The amnesia of the current administration to disregard Obama’s accomplishments are purposeful: Trump himself said he didn’t trust the “phony” unemployment rate under Obama, but that when he became president they suddenly became legitimate.

We have to assume much of the gains in the economy that have continued under Trump are due to the economy established under Obama. Trump has simply done little-to-nothing to alter the economy that existed before him — he’s had no major policy accomplishment that he can say led to the jobs numbers he now brags about. So it’s unclear what he’s done differently that can warrant taking credit for the continued jobs growth numbers.

The frustration from the Trump administration (over getting no credit for the Obama economy they claim is theirs) is evident. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took her anger out on Twitter, saying that, “Obama now wants credit for the booming Trump economy.”

But Obama’s former speechwriter wasn’t having it. Jon Favreau gave several reasons in a response to Sanders, explaining quite clearly that Trump didn’t deserve as much credit as he thought he did.

In his tweet, Favreau also pointed out that jobs growth was actually stronger under Obama than Trump. While nearly 200,000 jobs were created on average under Obama last year, the economy under Trump has slowed down (in terms of jobs) by about 13 percent.

We can perhaps give Trump some credit for not completely dismantling the economy he took over from Obama, although it’s clear that things are slowing down under his watch. But credit for the continued positive jobs growth still belongs to the man who was president before him. And as Favreau points out, polling indicates that the American people are well-aware of this fact as well.

Featured image via U.S. Government archives