Trump Forgets His Own Birthday On Voting Document

By on December 15, 2017

Some people believe it’s wrong to point out that President Donald Trump is having a difficult time with his memory, and that it could be signs of mental fatigue or deterioration. And then the president forgets his own birthday, and it becomes harder and harder not to speculate.

During the New York City mayoral election, the Trumps all cast their ballots from Washington, using absentee ballots to ensure their votes would count. Unfortunately, between Melania, Ivanka, and Donald, none of them did.

Melania Trump didn’t sign the envelope her ballot was inside, so it was automatically disqualified. Ivanka Trump filled everything out correctly, but didn’t mail out her ballot until Election Day, which means it was received too late to count.

But worst of all, the president’s own ballot was filled out incorrectly — in the section set out for his date of birth.

“Trump, 71, was born on June 14, 1946, but his ballot application lists his birthday as July,” the New York Daily News reported.

It wasn’t clear whether that mistake would affect Trump’s ballot or not, but it sure doesn’t give the American people much confidence when it comes to the mental capacity of the commander-in-chief. Trump, who once bragged about having the best memory, seems to conveniently forget things when he doesn’t want to talk about them.

When asked by reporters about a meeting involving George Papadopoulos, a campaign adviser who is now working with special counsel Robert Mueller, Trump suddenly lost that uncanny ability he previously boasted about. “I don’t remember much about that meeting,” Trump said. “It was a very unimportant meeting, took place a long time [ago].”

Worse yet, Trump also conveniently forgot that he bragged about his awesome memory in the first place. In a deposition for a lawsuit against his infamous Trump University, Trump was asked if he recalled saying he had the best memory. “I don’t know. Did I use that expression?” he said.

It’s clear that Trump’s memory isn’t what he said it was. Much worse, however, is the fact that it seems he isn’t capable of remembering simple things, like which month he was born in, or more importantly, policy meetings that he’s been involved with.

The American people, and lawmakers in Washington, need to ask a very difficult but important question: how sure are we that Trump is fit to govern? His mental health seems to be in decline. When it comes to leading the free world, that’s too dangerous a gamble to leave to chance.