Most Americans Trust News Media Over Donald Trump

By on December 18, 2017

President Donald Trump frequently rails against a media that he believes gives him undue attention in a largely negative way. Only Fox News, it seems, gives the president a fair shake, according to his own logic — and considering how the channel is essentially a mouthpiece for the Trump administration, acting as the commander-in-chief’s primary cheerleader, it’s not at all surprising to see Trump make such an assessment.

Toward the end of November, Trump even suggested that a “Fake News” Trophy should be given out to the media agency that “is the most dishonest, corrupt and/or distorted in its political coverage” of him. Excluded from the contest, of course, would be Fox.

But the American public isn’t buying it. According to a new poll out by Public Policy Polling, Americans overwhelmingly believe the news media that Trump calls “fake” over the president himself.

When it comes to NBC, CBS, and ABC News, 54 percent of Americans trust the news agencies more than Trump. Just 39 percent say the president is more trustworthy. CNN gets similar numbers: 52 percent trust CNN more than the president, while again, just 39 percent take the president’s word over the news agency’s.

Some of the newspapers Trump is most critical of are more trusted as well. More people trust the Washington Post and the New York Times (55 percent) than they do Trump.

And on the issues the president specifically calls out fake news? The American people see through him. Fifty-two percent believe the investigation into Russia interfering with out elections — and possibly colluding with Trump’s campaign last year — is not fake news, while less than two-in-five Americans (mostly Trump voters) do think it’s fake coverage.

Oh, and on the Fake News Trophy? A plurality of respondents (41 percent) said it should go out to Fox News, Trump’s preferred network. No other network polled within ten points of that conclusion.