Trump Lawyers Will Cast Flynn as a Liar

By on December 28, 2017
Michael Flynn

Donald Trump’s crack legal team defending him in the Russia investigation have apparently come up with a strategy to deal with former national security adviser Michael Flynn should he decide to give up juicy details about the president’s ties to Russia — they’ll just call him a liar.

In a Washington Post report, the paper cites three different sources that say the new strategy is to cast Flynn as dishonest.

If Flynn moves to accuse Trump or top aides of wrongdoing, the president’s legal team plans to describe him as a liar who wants to shield himself, the Post reported.

From the Post

Attorneys for Trump and his top advisers have privately expressed confidence that Flynn does not have any evidence that could implicate the president or his White House team. But since Flynn’s cooperation agreement with prosecutors was made public earlier this month, the administration has been strategizing how to neutralize him in case the former national security adviser does make any claims.

Flynn pleaded guilty earlier this month to lying to the FBI. He got a relatively light sentence, assumedly in return for his ongoing cooperation with special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Mueller is investigating the Russian attack on the 2016 election and whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin to help the attack. campaign and the Kremlin.

The sudden move to call Flynn a liar is a break from previous public comments Trump has made about his former national security adviser’s character.

Just like the FBI, the plan when it comes to Flynn is obviously to do everything possible to undermine his credibility. The image of Trump standing on a podium pointing to everyone who accuses him of something and screaming, “Liar!” may be a somewhat amusing picture, but when it comes to the reality that the president has adopted it as his default position, it becomes less of a joke and more of a sign of the administrations growing authoritarian tendencies.