Jack In The Box Partners With Snoop Dogg To Help Stoners With The Munchies

By on December 30, 2017

Fast food giant Jack in the Box plans on helping California cannabis consumers out with their orders.

The home of the Jumbo Jack has teamed up with famous pot user and rap icon Snoop Dogg’s media company Merry Jane in order to introduce a very special combo meal marketed directly at hungry stoners.

As Bloomberg reports the “Merry Munchie Meal” will be available Jan. 1 — the day the Adult Use of Marijuana Act goes into effect in California.

The act will make it legal for those over 21 to possess an ounce of marijuana for recreational purposes.

Just three franchise locations in California (all in Snoop Dogg’s hometown of Long Beach) will be offering this special combo meal which will include: chicken strips, two tacos, five churros, french fries, onion rings and a small drink.

The meal, obviously meant to satisfy stoner munchies while simultaneously quelling the hard thinking that comes from staring at so many food options at a drive thru window, is symbolically priced at $4.20.

Iwona Alter, the chief marketing officer for Jack in the Box, explained her company’s thinking behind the stoner strategy. “We are about welcoming all of our guests, no matter what they’re craving or why they’re craving it.”

Of course before the Merry Munchie Meal there was already the stoner friendly Munchie Meal.

Atler explained the partnership with Merry Jane. “Jack’s Munchie Meals have been successful for us because of the authenticity of how we speak to our customers,” Atler said. “This partnership is one more way for us to connect with them — whether you’re at a concert, up late playing video games, or pulling an all-nighter.”

Scott Chung, the Chief Operations Officer of MERRY JANE, agreed. “Launching the MERRY Munchie Meal is the perfect way for both companies to celebrate legalization in our shared home state of California.”

The Merry Munchie Meal will be marketed only in those states where pot is legal.