Is Scott Pruitt Gunning For Sessions’s Job?

By on January 5, 2018

According to a Politico report, current EPA Administrator and former Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt could be looking to move up the ranks in the administration…at the expense of Jeff Sessions.

From Politico:

With rumors swirling that Jeff Sessions could depart the administration and two members of the House Freedom Caucus calling on the former Alabama senator to resign, Pruitt is quietly positioning himself as a possible candidate for the job.

“Pruitt is very interested,” a person close to him said. “He has expressed that on a number of occasions.”

When one considers the magnitude of damage that Pruitt has done to the EPA over his tenure, it’s truly a frightening thought to think what he might do to the Department of Justice should he ever be given the reins. During his six years as Oklahoma AG, he was dogged by scandal over his cozy ties with big oil and was found to be in violation of the law when he refused to turn over documents related that were requested under open records law.

Pruitt is also the subject of an ethics investigation by the Oklahoma Bar Association for…wait for it…

…using a private email server for public business.

There may be some method to the madness of nominating Pruitt to the AG post should Trump decide to fire Sessions. The Politico story goes on:

A prominent Washington attorney advising one member of the administration said choosing Pruitt to replace Sessions would make sense because, as a member of the Cabinet who has already been confirmed by the Senate, Pruitt could serve in an acting capacity while he awaits lawmakers’ formal approval.

More importantly, Pruitt would be an AG who is not recused from the Russia investigation, meaning he could conceivably serve as Trump’s eyes and ears on the probe — and more importantly — may be willing to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.