Trump Says He’s ‘Unlikely’ To Agree To Interview With Mueller

By on January 10, 2018

President Donald Trump indicated Wednesday that he is not interested in giving an interview to investigators on the Russia probe.

Trump spoke to reporters Wednesday, indicating that he doesn’t think there’s any reason to give an interview to investigators in the Russia investigation. Yet this makes it seem as though he’s trying to conceal facts to save his own skin.

Earlier this week it seemed as though special counsel Robert Mueller, who is heading up the investigation into Russia meddling in U.S. elections during the 2016 presidential campaign, would seek to conduct an interview with Trump regarding possible connections his campaign had with Russian agents.

Mueller reportedly brought up the possibility of an interview with the president during a meeting with Trump’s lawyers in December, per sources familiar with the event. Trump’s lawyers didn’t dismiss the possibility, but were reluctant to allow their client to do a face-to-face interview with Mueller.

However, Trump seemed to shoot down any possibility of submitting to questioning on Wednesday. “Certainly we’ll see what happens, but when they have no collusion, and nobody’s found any collusion at any level, it seems unlikely that you even have an interview,” Trump said.

But that’s not how an investigation works. An investigator doesn’t just take people’s word for it — he or she follows the evidence, and asks people of interest questions, not relying on their denials when they’re not under oath.

In this case, the evidence Mueller has obtained likely came from the cooperation of one, possibly two key Trump campaign members: George Papadopoulos and (probably) Michael Flynn.

The investigation is still going on, so it makes sense that Mueller would want to interview Trump for myriad reasons. It may be simply to root out evidence against someone else, though Trump’s reluctance to speak to Mueller makes it seem as though the president has something more to hide.