In Meeting With Lawmakers, Trump Decries Immigrants From ‘Shithole’ Countries

By on January 11, 2018

President Donald Trump’s racist attitudes toward immigrants from non-white countries was on full display for lawmakers in a closed-door meeting on Thursday.

Trump, joining with members of Congress who were hoping to broker a bipartisan immigration deal, got upset with lawmakers after they suggested the deal might include relaxing his administration’s restrictions on immigration fromĀ Haiti, El Salvador, and certain African countries.

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump complained, according to sources who informed the Washington Post about the meeting.

Trump elaborated that his preference for immigrants would include individuals from countries with predominantly white citizens, like Norway, according to these sources.

This is the second time in recent weeks that Trump reportedly took a racist tone when discussing immigration reform. In late December, Trump reportedly said in another immigration meeting that Haitians “all have AIDS,” and that all African immigrants, if they ever stepped foot in America, would never “go back to their huts.”

Trump’s racist attitudes about immigrants extends even further back, to when he first started his campaign for president. In June of 2015, Trump made disparaging comments about Mexican immigrants, claiming that “when Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best,” including drug dealers, criminals, and rapists.

That claim, of course, is a stereotypical trope, and runs counter to many studies that demonstrate that undocumented immigrants actually commit less crime, as a percentage of their community, than do citizens in the United States.

Trump’s comments on non-white immigrants are detestable. It’s no wonder our president would go out of his way to defend neo-Nazis last summer. That he describes countries as “shitholes” based on their non-white citizens should be enough for anyone still skeptical about his racism to realize the president is, in fact, a bigot. His tenure is a stain on our nation’s history, and the sooner he leaves office, the better.