Conspiracy Theorist Thinks Oprah Might Be The Antichrist

By on January 12, 2018

After Oprah Winfrey delivered her inspiring speech at the 2018 Golden Globes, fellow celebrities and fans alike were excited about the prospect of the talk show legend running for president.

Although the buzz of a 2020 Winfrey run for the White House has been little more than political fantasy and wishful thinking, some on the extreme right are terrified by the prospect.

As Right Wing Watch reports, Liz Crokin, a conspiracy theorist who calls herself a journalist, believes that the letters of Oprah Winfrey’s network OWN are an anagram for New World Order.

Speaking with her fellow conspiracy pal Crystal Myers-Barber, Crokin offered her observation as if it was the most obvious fact in the world. “What is her network — OWN — backwards? New World Order,” she said. “Hello! Anagrams, reverse words, symbolism.”

Myers-Barber was intrigued and asked for more illumination on the subject.

So Crokin explained. “Her network is the OWN and you spell it backwards,” she said. “Her channel is OWN. What is OWN backwards? New World Order. No coincidence there.”

Myers-Barber took to the idea, and then suggested that Winfrey might be the antichrist. “That is something,” she said. “In the Bible, it talks about spirit of Antichrist, which we realize is already in the air. But could Oprah rise up and be the Antichrist? That’s a stretch, but, hey, you never know.”

Crokin and Myers-Barber are not the only conspiracy theorists worried about an Oprah Winfrey White House run.

As Newsweek reports, Austin-based radio host Alex Jones posted a tweet wherein he called Oprah Winfrey “an absolute anti-human, Nazi troll.”

When discussing why he thought the talk show host could not ever be president, Jones described Winfrey as the “black face” of eugenics, population control, and African-American abortion.  As Media Matters reports, Jones said,  “If you are a real white supremacist, you really should support her.”