Laura Ingraham Warns Trump He May Lose His Base

By on January 13, 2018

Conservative commentator Laura Ingraham has warned President Trump that if he does not fulfill his campaign promises regarding increased strictures on immigration and the building of an actual border wall, his base will turn on him and he will be left with no one to protect him or help push his policies.

On Thursday, Ingraham said:

When it comes to any DACA deal, the president has got to realize there are just two things that matter above all else — number one, DACA is the only leverage the president has to implement his entire immigration agenda. Number two, Democrats favor granting citizenship to illegal aliens because they believe it is the absolute key to achieving a super-majority, just like the one they currently have in California. They want that in every key battleground state.

Ingraham went on to say that there was “so much more at stake than just the future of the DREAMers.”

“This deal could decide the fate of the country,” she said. “I’m going to wait and see what the final DACA proposal looks like. But if it does not include a wall – a real wall, not a see-through wall, expect a political revolt from the base, which means losing the House and maybe even the Senate.”

If the president’s promises were not kept and his base disappeared, Ingraham predicted that Republicans would lose the House and the Senate and there would be no one left to defend Trump or support his agenda.

“The president did not promise his supporters an opaque electronic fence that only covers a third of the border,” she said. “He promised them a wall — a big, beautiful wall. And unless it’s built, unless chain migration is ended, I fear, Mr. President, your most ardent supporters will write you off as just another politician who said something you really didn’t mean.”