Right Wing Radio Host Blames Hawaii Missile Scare On Democrats

By on January 17, 2018

When Hawaii was shaken with the false alert of an incoming ballistic missile, some condemned the current administration for the fiasco which resulted in widespread panic.

Some on the extreme right, however, have chosen to believe that the nuclear scare was engineered as a way to embarrass and undermine president Donald Trump.

Sandy Rios, a right wing conspiracy theorist and religious figure, has suggested to her listeners that leftist politicians may be involved in Saturday’s scare. The talk show host and sometimes Fox News contributor feels that Hawaii’s large Democratic population may be to blame.

In audio provided by Right Wing Watch, Rios disparaged the island’s relaxing reputation. “Hawaii is so far to the left, it’s amazing,” she explained. “I saw a report on Hawaii during the election cycle and I have to say, I was alarmed by the — you know Hawaii’s laid back, that’s why people like to go out there — but the saturation of marijuana use on the streets, people, and they, ‘Hey man, it’s whatever’ — it’s just, it’s an amazing thing for an American state.”

Rios then focused all blame on liberal politicians. “Hawaii is controlled by left-wing Democrats,” she said, “and so one just has to ask the question: Has somebody on the inside there [been] trying to depress the response of the people of Hawaii in case of some sort of an attack? Is there someone somewhere trying to dull them to some kind of a piqued response or a strong response? Is somebody messing with this? Is this a set-up? I mean, that’s what goes through your mind.”

Rios has been preceded in paranoia by Austin-based conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.  Following Hawaii’s false missile alert, Jones posted a video in which he claimed to be receiving CIA intel that the event was orchestrated to embarrass Trump.