Most Americans Think Trump Has Performed ‘Poorly’ So Far

By on January 18, 2018

President Donald Trump hasn’t done a good job as president, according to most Americans.

Only 30 percent of Americans think Trump has done a “good” or “very good” job since taking office, according to a new CBS News poll. Sixteen percent say he’s done an “average” job so far.

But an overwhelming 53 percent say his job performance as president has been “poor,” the survey finds.

That may be because Trump’s policies aren’t helping the average American family. According to the same poll, 53 percent of respondents said that his initiatives haven’t had much of an effect on them personally, while 24 percent say his policies have hurt their families. Only 22 percent say his policies have helped them personally.

The CBS poll also asked a very peculiar question. Remembering Trump’s campaigning days in 2016, the poll recalls that as a candidate Trump “would help America win again.” But 55 percent of Americans say America has mostly been losing under his leadership.

Overall, most Americans agree that we’re on “the wrong track” right now, with 3-in-5 saying so in the poll. Less than 2-in-5 say we’re heading in the “right direction.”

It is unusual for a president to receive such lousy remarks when the economy is doing so well. Trump’s disapproval likely has more to do with his other policies rather than the economy’s positive numbers, which aren’t necessarily due to any policy Trump put forward. Indeed, the poll itself points out that Americans, at best, only give Trump partial credit for the good economy we have right now: 30 percent say he’s mostly responsible for the positive numbers, while 27 percent say he’s mostly not (41 percent say he’s somewhere in between).

The poll, despite being conducted after it happened, did not ask respondents about Trump’s “shithole countries” comments. But on whether he’s improving our image abroad, only 36 percent said he’s doing so, while 49 percent said he’s making us look worse on the international stage (16 percent said he had no effect).

CBS also pointed out that no president in recent memory has had a lower approval rating than Trump did at the end their first year in office. Trump’s total approval numbers were 37 percent for this poll, while the next lowest approval rating was at 49 percent for Ronald Reagan back in 1982.