World View Of U.S. Leadership Plummets In New Poll

By on January 18, 2018

In one of the least surprising survey findings ever, the rest of the world is apparently not impressed with U.S. leadership under President Donald Trump according to a Gallup poll that hit the streets on Tuesday.

Only 30 percent of those surveyed abroad say they approve of U.S. leadership under Trump, which is the lowest figure ever since Gallup first started measuring national influence abroad a decade ago. That number has dropped 18 points over the past year, when 48 percent of residents in other nations said they approved of President Barack Obama’s leadership. That drop is also the most ever recorded in the poll’s history.

According to the poll’s researchers, the sharp decrease in world approval rating can be directly correlated to the current president and his policies.

“It may be too early in Trump’s presidency to tell if his ‘America First’ foreign policy is a success or failure, but this report reveals U.S. alliances and partnerships are at risk.”

The steep drops in approval ratings were spread across a number of different countries and demographics.

According to the poll, America’s leadership approval ratings went down by 10 or more points in nearly have of the 134 countries that were polled. On a macro levels, the U.S. is now seen to be significantly weaker with record low approval ratings in countries spread across Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Those who indicate disapproval also increased, with ratings spiking 15 points to 43 percent, which is the highest rank of any major global power over the past ten years. For comparison, the opposite was true of the U.S. under President Obama: approval ratings of U.S. leadership rose by 15 points in the year he took office.

The president has decried many of these polls as “fake news” so it’s not likely that the numbers will engender any real change in the Oval Office and its policies. What it does do, however, is give a glimpse into just how much the Trump presidency is damaging U.S. relationships abroad.