Most Americans Put Blame On Republicans And Trump If Government Shuts Down

By on January 19, 2018

We’re hours away from a possible government shutdown, and while last-minute attempts to avert that crisis are being made, it’s not looking like a deal will come about before the midnight deadline on Friday.

So who’s to blame? Democrats and Republicans will undoubtedly point their fingers at each other. Trump has already tweeted out several times his opinion that the Democrats are to blame, although it’s difficult to come to that same conclusion when you account for the fact that his Republican Party controls both houses of Congress as well as the presidency itself.

And that’s how the average citizen sees it, too.  Close to a majority of Americans (48 percent) credit Trump and Republicans in Congress with the blame if a shutdown happens, while just a little more than a quarter of respondents (28 percent) say it’s the Democratic Partys’ fault.

Eighteen percent gave blame to both parties in the ABC/Washington Post poll. The poll also demonstrates that some Republican respondents are blaming their own party for the crisis: one-in-seven Americans who identify as GOP-backers think Republicans in Congress should bear the blame for the shutdown, if it happens.

It’s true that Democrats can prevent the legislation from passing in the Senate, which requires a 60-vote minimum on the continuing resolution to fund the government. But even if it only required a simple majority vote in the upper chamber, it doesn’t seem like Republicans would have the numbers to pass the bill anyway, under those conditions.

Republicans in Congress, and Trump in particular, deserve the blame for this fiasco. The “great negotiator” is apparently unable to figure out a solution that will keep the U.S. government’s operations functioning, and his racist “shithole countries” comments from last week created a huge distraction over the issue of immigration, an integral aspect of the negotiations themselves.

If the government shuts down, it’s Trump and his own party’s fault — and most of America seems to agree.